Tratto Cancellik

Tratto Cancellik is the erasable pen with two rubbers, allowing you the freedom to create and to make mistakes.

Errors can soon be erased and corrected with Tratto Cancellik, although the ink becomes permanent after about 24 hours. The pen comes with two erasers: one at the end of the pen and one in the cap. The cap itself is choke-proof to ensure complete safety during use. In addition, there is a space on the pen to add your name, ensuring that it's always recognisable. Available in 10 bright colours: dark blue, red, black, green, azure, fuchsia, orange, purple, yellow and light green. You can also buy Tratto Cancellik in the 4-pen format or blister packs with a maxi triangular rubber. Available in 6 colours, it's specially designed with sharp edges to erase all traces of ink from the paper.

Format: Blister 2 pieces; Packs of 4 pieces; single pen

Available in: 10 colours