FILA HELLAS Single Member S.A.

F.I.L.A., founded in Florence in 1920, is a highly consolidated, dynamic and innovative Italian industrial enterprise. F.I.L.A. is an icon of Italian creativity globally through its colouring, drawing, modelling, writing and painting tools, thanks to brands such as Giotto, Giotto be-be, Tratto, Das, Lyra, Maimeri, Daler-Rowney, Canson, Arches, St Cuthberts. Since its foundation, F.I.L.A. has chosen to focus on growth through continuous innovation, both in technological and product terms, in order to enable individuals to express their ideas and talent through tools of exceptional quality.

FILA HELLAS, the subsidiary covering the presence of FILA GROUP on the Balkan peninsula, established in early 2014. Based in Thessaloniki promotes the presence of Fila products in Greece and in almost all Balkan countries. Exports and presents all product ranges of FILA GROUP in Romania, Bulgaria, North Macedonia, Kosovo, Montenegro and Serbia.