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Maimeri Acrilico Acrylic Colours

Acrylic colours Acrilico

A new acrylic language, strong, fast, workable according to the nature and heart of the user. An excellent tool for professional artists and art students. Seventy-nine vibrant, bright, clean colours composed of good-quality pigments carefully ground, dispersed and stabilized, chosen for the purpose of getting deep, bright tones enhancing the brilliance and purity of the colour and conferring a luminosity never before achieved in a competively priced acrylic colour range. The finish is uniform and semi-shiny. These paints, with their high concentration of resistant, elastic acrylic resin, spread uniformly even over unprimed supports. The 12 mediums available in the range enhance and multiply the features of the colours.

Format: 75 ml, 200 ml.

Available: 85 colours