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Georgian Water Mixable Oil Mediums

Georgian Water Mixable Oil Mediums

Daler-Rowney Georgian Water Mixable Oil Mediums offer artists the possibility of experiencing oil painting without the need for solvent-based mediums. An alternative to traditional oil mediums, this range of products allow your Georgian Water Mixable Oils to be thinned, mixed, and washed using only water.

-Oil medium to make oils water mixable
-Linseed oil to thin and slow down drying time. Gives a glossy finish.
- Stand oil to enhance flow.
-Fast drying medium to accelerate drying time.
-Specially developed for water mixable oils. Alternative to traditional oil mediums.
-Made in England.

Georgian Water Mixable Stand Oil.
Reduces the consistency of oil colours and enhances flow. This medium is viscous and dries slowly to a tough elastic film. It is faster drying than pure Linseed Oil. It also reduces brush marks in your paint film.

Georgian Water Mixable Fast Drying Medium.
Speeds the drying of water mixable oil colours and improves their flow. This medium will reduce brush marks and smooth application, as well as increasing both gloss and transparency. You can also use this medium for glazing and producing fine detail.

Oil Medium for Oil Colour.
Mixes with traditional oil colours to make them water mixable.

Georgian Water Mixable Linseed Oil.
Reduces the consistency of oil colours and slows down their drying time. Used straight from the bottle, this oil will give the paint a high gloss finish.