Giotto Fine poster paint

Extra-fine concentrated paint, which comes in aluminium tubes with a plastic cap. The paint is dense, rich with pigments and has a high covering capacity, making it ideal for painting. It can be diluted with water until it becomes translucent, and can also be mixed with other paints to create a wide range of different shades. Available in packs (up to 12 colours) or in individual tubes (up to 24 colours). EAN code printed on each tube.
Product code 000304000
Minimum order Quantity: 5
Box 12 tubes x 12ml
Colour with a strong temperament. Giotto paint in tube format, especially for strong personalities with lots of creative talent. Made from superior-quality pigments that produce colours with great shine and coverage, ultra-fine Giotto paint is ideal for illustration work and artists whose creativity knows no bounds... 24 different colours to choose from!
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