Since 1968, Das has been the world's most famous and widely used self-hardening modelling material. It is mineral-based and gluten-free, and does not need to be fired, as it hardens when exposed to air. It is easy to polish and allows you to create solid, resilient objects that can be personalised and decorated to your liking using paints or fibre pens. It is particularly versatile and can be used to coat a wide range of different surfaces, such as wood, plastic, metal, glass, etc. It does not leave stains and washes off hands with water. It also can be machine-washed from most clothes at the 40°C setting. Available in white or terracotta. Comes in aluminium packs, which help it to keep its freshness for a long time, with a resealable tab on the back.
Product code 000387100
Minimum order Quantity: 24
Block 1/2 kg

The star of modelling clay. Since 1968, Das has been the name in modelling all over the world: bas-relief, sculpting, mosaics and coatings are just some of the possible techniques. Extremely easy to smooth, it lets you create solid, resistant objects that can be customised and decorated however you like, using multi-surface paints and markers. A natural material, it hardens in the air without firing, and is the perfect way to transform and model your world. Especially suited for applications on different supports such as wood, card or terracotta.

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