My be-bè maxi set

Giotto be-bè Maxi Set: an extensive, wide-ranging set of tools for colouring, playing and modelling. Kit contains: 8 super fibre pens, 6 super large pencils, 1 super large pencil sharpener, 1 colouring book, 3 pots of Giotto be-bè play dough and 1 packet of modelling accessories. Giotto be-bè allows children to have fun in complete safety.
Product code 000466900
Minimum order Quantity: 1
My be-bè maxi set
My be-bè maxi set

The kit for mini-artists: the Giotto Be-bè Maxi Set is packed with fun, colouring and modelling accessories for preschoolers: 6 super large pencils, a pencil sharpener, 8 super fibre pens, three 100g pots of modelling clay, a box of 4 modelling accessories and one no.4 be-bé colouring book. Because they never get tired of creating...

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