Lyra Rembrandt Art Design

Hexagonal fine graphite pencil, ideal for artistic and technical drawing. Body made from the finest real cedar wood. Available in 17 hardness grades from 9B (the softest) to 6H (the hardest). Extra-resistant, solid lead produces clean, sharp strokes. Length: 183 mm. Lead diameter: 2 ≥ 2,8 mm.
Product code 001110100
Minimum order Quantity: 12
Single pencil
If you love shading, the hexagonal Lyra Art Design pencil is for you: the perfect way to get to the heart of your drawing and unleash unexpected creativity. It will create light-and-shade effects for illustrations and drawings with a vintage look. Art Design pencils are encased in pure cedar wood with an ultra-fine, extra-resistant graphite lead. Available in 17 different grades from 9B to 6H so you can really get creative with your shading. Also ideal for the more "rigid" technical drawing techniques.
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